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Chuck GreenwaltUX Designer

UX Design + UI Design + Interaction Design

I am a creative UX and UI designer with a background in management and development. I specialize in UI design, UX design, interactive design, web apps and mobile apps including native and responsive.

User Experience

Love the user. This is where user experience begins. The entire process should begin and end with the user at the forefront of all possible solutions and outcomes. The solution should be simple, fast, engaging and delightful to the user.

Visualizing Ideas

Visualizing ideas sparks the creative process and leads to conversation around those ideas. When presenting an idea showing it in a visual context helps both the business and users understand the story you're telling.

Building Products

Building products is more than just design. It’s about understanding the company and its clients. It’s about complex processes and simplicity to achieve success.

Selected Works


UX/Visual Design

eBay - SEA

Visual Design

Baxter Healthcare

Visual Design

eBay - SLC

Lead UX/Visual Design


Lead UX/Visual Designer


I'm currently a consultant with Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. I've worked with several large, brand name companies in the tech world. See my experience below.

  • 2015-Present

    eBay SEA- Consultant

    As the lead UX designer I've optimized and improved our designs and user experience which has created significant customer engagement through all eBay communications.

  • April 2015 - May 2015

    Apple Inc - Consultant

    In my role as visual designer I was able to impact their business unit by understanding their pain points while providing a quick and simple solution. I worked closely with business units, developers and management in a very fast paced environment.

  • February 2015 - Arpil 2015

    Baxter Healthcare - Consultant

    Baxter Healthcare needed a user interface for their sales team to track the vast number of sales that ranged from road shows with booths to individual hospitals or care center sales. I researched their sales teams, and provided wireframes, prototypes, and visual design for mobile apps.

  • Aug 2013 - Jan 2015

    eBay SLC - Consultant

    eBay has a unique business model and as such has some unique needs in the way they help customers. Customer service agents used upwards of twelve different apps at one time. The challenge was to unify all those apps into one cohesive app and by doing so reduce the time frame for customer service calls.

  • 2010 - 2013


    vivint, known for alarm sales and home automation, presented me with my initial experience into mobile design. While at vivint, I not only created the design language for our products, but also worked closely with users, developers, team leads and the business units to create an application that worked across all mobile devices.

  • 2008 - 2010

    Remedy Informatics

    Remedy Informatics specializes in medical registries. Massive amounts of data that healthcare specialist and healthcare scientists used daily. I was initially hired as a visual designer, but soon after I was also building wireframes, creating HTML/CSS prototypes and working in javascript to create the interactions I had designed.

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About Me

I'm Chuck, a passionate, multi-disciplined designer. I have a passion for clean, simple and to the point solutions that users love.

Over the last 15 years of my career I've had some amazing opportunities working with amazing people creating amazing products and experiences that users love.

While interaction and visual design are some of my core strengths, you'll often find me participating in a variety of cross-disciplinary activities including user research, stakeholder interviews, information architecture, content strategy, and even some front end development. When it comes to work, I want to be involved in projects that I find challenging with people that inspire me. I want to solve usability problems and I want to see users succeed!

When I'm not obsessing over design and usability, I'm often with my wife and 3 children exploring the greater Seattle area playing music or relaxing with friends and family .